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Identification of adultery

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Photo and video surveillance

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Checking for wiretapping

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Lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search of people

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Collection of information

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Staff of the company

On behalf of the employees of the company would like to thank the agency "Private detective Odessa" for help. The fact that our company started stealing. Company management decided to check all the employees of the company on a polygraph for involvement in the theft. Special thanks to the staff for how quickly and with what tact was all done! Thank you! The culprits identified, fired again, and now we can trust each other!

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When missing the most expensive person for me - my life is over! Where I just did not appeal: police, Red Cross, all kinds of websites to search for the people - all in vain. But it was necessary immediately to you! Thank you, my dear! You have given me the most precious thing I have, you brought me back to life!

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Irina S.

My dear, thank you for your work! I am a single mother of a son, we had always lived in perfect harmony. And then I see - it was lurking from me, come late, some became antsy! What could I just change my mind! Well good people to have prompted you to apply. In general, it was found that in love with my neighbor's booby girl. Well, we had a talk with him heart to heart - what am I an enemy of him, or what? Now all we have again a wonderful, thank you!

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Detective Agency in Lyubashevka

Quite often in modern man there is a need to obtain the most accurate, and most importantly, reliable information. This need may arise in order to better develop their own business or to deal with any personal issues. But in order to fill this gap, we can only appeal to the detective agency "Private Detective Odessa." That's just, unfortunately, they come here as early as when the problem has become serious enough. But a timely appeal to the detective agency in Lyubashevka can greatly save your nerves, time and money. But in any case we are always eager to join in the process of any of your problem, at whatever stage it may be. Therefore, if you are already in a difficult situation, you should not waste your time on unnecessary thoughts or waiting for a miracle, which simply can not be. Sometimes we may need a few hours to figure out who exactly you are planning the signing of an important contract enough that you can lift up to heaven, or completely deny all business. The collection of information in almost every service is a certain kind of basis. So you can be sure that we can easily cope with figuring out how much you can trust your potential partner.

But it's not just about the partners and clients. Quite dangerous segment for any entrepreneur can be and his team, if you do not pay close attention to who exactly you are taking to their work. And here is unlikely to help you your unique ability to feel and see people. Is much more reliable in this case would be a polygraph test that will help you answer many of your questions about this or that person. Despite the fact that we already have some prepared questions for polygraph tests, you can also express our experts your wishes, they will certainly take into account in carrying out their work. So you can find out the real reason for the dismissal of the applicant from his former place of work, whether he had a criminal record or any bad habits that may negatively affect the current job, and, consequently, on the success of your business. But most importantly, you will also learn not seek whether spies from your competitors or other intruders to get you a job.

Speaking of commercial espionage, it is worth noting that we have, you can also use the best tool to prevent any leakage of information. We are confident that this antiproslushka certainly can secure you and your business. This is a direct verification of premises to detect eavesdropping devices. If you expect the names of some of the unique equipment, you have to disappoint you. In our experience, only a personal search to find bugs allow wiretapping of mobile phones and in a timely manner to eliminate them together with other devices that are often used to conduct covert surveillance photo.

But as you yourself can order surveillance. Basically, this service is vital when required identification betrayal of her husband or wife. Family life as well as the public is full of surprises and unexpected turns of events, which are not rarely fatal. But you should never take hasty decisions and seek to file for divorce because of infidelity women, if you only show that she has a lover. It is possible that you are mistaken in their observations or simply believe outright slander, which is also not uncommon. But it is our well-organized surveillance of a person will provide one hundred percent reliable information about the change of the husband or wife, or lack thereof.

In this direction, we have many years of experience, which allows us to seamlessly enough to know about who is who and who is unfaithful. And never check our allegiance was not exposed by the man who is under suspicion of adultery.

At least, and sometimes even more popular service - people search, which must be ordered by you immediately as soon as you have discovered the disappearance of a loved one. But it is important to understand that in such cases, we are not limited only to relatives searching databases or set the address on the phone. The range of our activities in this area is wide. We can find a person by phone number, if it has ceased to respond to your calls, and ready to begin the search for people by name, if you simply do not have other data. And here one can not say that it is easier - search by the name of the person or work on databases phones people.




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