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Excellent reputation, high professionalism, complete confidentiality.


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Identification of adultery

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Photo and video surveillance

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Checking for wiretapping

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Lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search of people

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Collection of information

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Family Lesco

From our family thank you very much the agency "Private detective Odessa" and in particular Detective Alexandra! My husband was at work accused of malfeasance. If not for you, Alexander, the husband would have lost a good job. I'm not talking about a good name! Private investigation, you spent, put everything in its place. Once again THANK YOU!

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Irina and Andrei

Alexander! Thank you for our happiness! Thanks to you we are together! We Irochka met on vacation in the Crimea. Holiday flying as one day! Of course, we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. And how has managed to lose my notebook on my way home! In general, if it were not for you, Alexander - had not I find my Irishku! Thank you again!

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Vyacheslav Buivan

The work was completed promptly and in full. Everything is good!
Vyacheslav Buivan, +380967624628


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Detective agency in Odessa

​Very often on the shoulders of private detectives lies the solution of problems that can not be taken by representatives of law enforcement agencies. And the reason for this lies not in the lack of professionalism among employees of state structures, and that the range of their influence on a person's life is very limited. And if you can make a statement about the theft back of your car or a missing person, then, for example, the identification of infidelity husband or wife, in the regulation of these organizations is not provided. But you with the full understanding and participation will be such a problem in a detective agency "Private Detective Odessa."

But in addition to responsiveness and participation in our detective agency you will find professionalism, extensive experience, using only modern methods of private investigation in conjunction with the use of the latest technological developments. So now you do not need to conduct your own investigation of spyware and arrange for telephone surveillance husband or wife to find out how true the information that your significant other is cheating on you. There is still the problem lies in the fact that people often simply afraid to share his suspicions, they even can not always willing to admit what really suspect the husband or wife of infidelity. But with us you can be as open and very sincere. And there are several reasons. At a minimum, you can contact us anonymously to order the identification of treason husband or wife. And it's not just this issue. But also you can be assured of complete confidentiality. We have ruled out even the possibility of information leakage is not only about the results of the investigation, but, in principle, on the interaction with certain customers.

Мы прекрасно пониманием, что проблема супружеской неверности не только является болезненной для тех, кто обращается к нам, но и в принципе может негативно отразиться на их репутации. А работаем мы порой с очень известными людьми. Также если вы решите подать на развод из-за измены женщины, у которой появился любовник, мы готовы предоставить вам лучших юристов, которые будут заниматься вашим вопросом, оградив вас от необходимости тратить свое личное время на такие вещи. А если на данный момент у вас нет никакого повода для ревности, но вы просто хотите понять, способен ли ваш возлюбленный пойти на измену, то к вашим услугам всегда наша проверка на верность. И здесь мы также работаем исключительно по заранее и в индивидуальном порядке разработанному сценарию, который на всех этапах будет согласовываться лично с вами.

The use of lie detector

Do not think that the polygraph is used only in special cases and only during serious investigation or interrogation of especially dangerous criminals. Today polygraph test became available to almost everyone. Do you need to find out which of your employees committed theft, or you want to specify how reliable the data of the applicant specified in the questionnaire, we are always ready to cooperate with you. We have repeatedly faced with situations where it polygraph test helps to prevent the employment of spies in the company of our clients. Also, this way, we identified and those who have worked for competitors, getting information through his official position.

изменяетBut so you can best protect yourself and your business, you also need to check the premises to detect eavesdropping devices. If someone thinks that they can be found universal antiproslushka, which will prevent any leakage of information, you can assume that already found it. A thorough search of bugs, organized by specialists detective agency in Odessa - this is the solution that will quickly discover the wiretapping of mobile phones and other means of surveillance to identify the man. It is understood that the collection of information is also often carried out by established covert surveillance photo. But our specialists will be able to identify all of these devices.

Search of people in Odessa

Perhaps we should not talk about our detective agency is also involved in tracing people. This service is provided in our activities by default. And we carry out search of relatives, fraud, debtors, old friends, and others, whose names are found in the public domain via the Internet is not possible. We use a database of people phones and other channels to find people by phone number or address set it on the phone. We also organize a search for people by name and other data.






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