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Identification of adultery

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Photo and video surveillance

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Checking for wiretapping

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Lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search of people

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Collection of information

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I express my gratitude for the professionalism and excellent performance in the shortest time job employee detective agency Alexander. I wish your team prosperity and interesting work!


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Obmanutyi muj

Guys, thank you! If not for you - I would wear horns, damn it! That's not for nothing did I not trust my ex! But thanks to the detectives I was not only convinced himself all over, but for the court photos are available - so fuck it I would get! Thank you again!

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Director of the company

Many thanks to the staff of the agency "Private detective Odessa" for the work done! You actually helped me keep my business. For some time I began to notice that I break down the correct deal, good customers swim right under his nose! One of the business partners advise you - thank you to him. A set of activities was held high (and it cost me a tidy sum, but it was worth it!). As a result, the bugs found in the office and found that a rat among the staff, which merges information to competitors!…

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Detective agency in the village of Primorsk


It may be a reasonable question about why in this village, as Primorsk, the services provided by private detectives world level. But this is not entirely surprising, at least two reasons. The first is that we will never put any restrictions and criteria for our customers. We do not care where they live, where they work, with whom they talk, the language they speak, and so on. If a person is really a need for our participation, it will certainly get it.

As far as it sat Primorsk, then given that this is a resort town, there is a sufficiently large influx of tourists in addition to the main population, and many of them during the holidays there are various questions that take part can and should only really experienced professionals who work in a detective agency "Private Detective Odessa." And one of these serious problems and the most common - adultery.

Identification of infidelity husband or wife while relaxing

As we know the sun, sea and sand just have to ensure that maximum people to relax and enjoy all the pleasures of life. And very often this happens when people go on vacation alone or surrounded by his friends, but without the second halves of that in the modern world has become a norm. Naturally, the one who stays at home to work have thoughts about infidelity of the husband or wife. And if you want to know for sure whether or not your significant other, enjoying the Black Sea, at the same time you also change, then you only need to make one call to the detective agency in the village of Primorsk. Sometimes we need a few hours of professional surveillance to find out what your spouse is really sheltered lover in your room.

In addition, you can order an additional collection of information about how long they know what they have common plans, or is it just a fleeting holiday romance, which ends after her return home. All these data, we are also ready to provide you with. Very often this information affects the decision of our client about whether to file for divorce because of infidelity woman or not. It is important to note that it is very convenient to carry out checks on loyalty, as in any other resort settlement. You can intentionally send your soulmate on vacation, or even if you go together, then we will still be able to develop in accordance with these terms and conditions a situation in which it becomes clear how much the person you true or at any time to expect betrayal by.


This tool can be used is not always when we are talking about identifying changes because polygraph test necessarily requires the consent of the person being tested. But here in hiring new employees, especially in hotels and other establishments serving customers, apply it very desirable. This will allow you to choose the really valuable employees that will serve your clients at the highest level.

detective agency

And for those holidaymakers who are worried that the resort went not only they, but their spies hired by the enemies of the business, we have such a service, which allows you to determine whether or not under surveillance for human or is it just the result of fatigue. But we are always in the direction of holding a maximum of preventive measures to avoid any leakage of information options, leaving our customers can fully enjoy your holiday. Such activities include inspection of premises to detect eavesdropping devices. Under these conditions, you can order your check hotel room, rental car and other places where you plan to spend a lot of time. In particular, if you planned a party with renting a cafe, then we will check in this room. You can be sure that antiproslushki better than a direct search for bugs by our staff, you simply will not find anywhere else. The more that we can not only detect the wiretapping of mobile phones, but also to identify all your hardware devices to conduct covert surveillance photo for you.

Not rare, unfortunately, cases where people get lost in the resorts, including the observed and missing children who run away from their parents or nannies. It is not necessary in this case much panic. Call us, and we quickly organize search of relatives around the village of Primorsk and even beyond, using our ability to find a person by phone number or have a search for people by name on our databases. Search of people - it is our direct work, and we will not be easy to find by the name of the person, including the use phones people database. and through us you can find out the correct address on the phone.





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