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Identification of adultery

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Photo and video surveillance

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Checking for wiretapping

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Lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search of people

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Collection of information

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I do not know how to thank you - THANK YOU and bow! I almost became a victim of marriage swindler. And everything was beautiful - flowers, gifts, dinner by candlelight! Both mum and her friends in one voice told that he rogue, and I like blurred vision! Thanks mom (and you, of course) for what protected me from the wrong step! Thank you! And good luck to you all!

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Family Radchenko

We have had to turn to the detective agency when they noticed that our son is something wrong: he became irritable, nervous, was late coming home, ask about anything - snarls, or nothing at all! Of course, we suspected the worst! It turned out that our boy got into bad company. The main thing is that thanks to you, we make it in time! However, they had to change residence - but that will not do for a child! And to all of you - thank you so much!

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Irina S.

My dear, thank you for your work! I am a single mother of a son, we had always lived in perfect harmony. And then I see - it was lurking from me, come late, some became antsy! What could I just change my mind! Well good people to have prompted you to apply. In general, it was found that in love with my neighbor's booby girl. Well, we had a talk with him heart to heart - what am I an enemy of him, or what? Now all we have again a wonderful, thank you!

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Photo and video surveillance

Surveillance (shadowing) of the object - the basis of the nearly any task for a private investigator. Shadowing allows you to solve a number of problems:

  •  covert video surveillance in the office will let you know what your subordinates in your absence , will help to check the integrity of your business partners and ensure the safety of negotiations and bargaining ;
  •  hidden video surveillance of the apartment will make it possible to control the actions of nurses, observe the behavior of a spouse (wife) or teenage children ;
  •  surveillance of a person outside of the home or office will set the number of contacts of your face , the range of his interests, like to spend time during the day , etc.
  •  video surveillance of the wife (husband ) will help to confirm or deny the fact of change , to collect the necessary photos and video for presentation in court;
  •  covert surveillance of minors , may determine whether they do not fall into bad company , how they spend their free time .

Regardless of what , for what purpose do you organize people watching , it is necessary that the object of observation did not think about your interest . Detective Agency " Private detective Odessa " will provide you with high-class professionals who organize surveillance with maximum efficiency. We organize video surveillance in Odessa and the Odessa area , as well as on the territory of Ukraine. The cost of surveillance will depend on several factors: the completeness of the information collected , the time during which the surveillance , the number of investigators involved , etc.

Fotonablyudenie per person
Watching phone
Fotonablyudenie the house
Conducting surveillance
Carrying out covert surveillance
Implementation of external surveillance


Location of the person through the phone

If you want to determine the location of the person through the phone number, you made do not need in this case to use some spy with a suspicious reputation of the program and other illegal methods

Let us find out the location of the person on the phone

The mobile phone has already become quite commonplace, which is almost every purse and every pocket. But this device not only allows at any time to contact his owner, and he pretty much can "tell" about its owner.

Verify calls and SMS on your phone

How do I check the phone her husband? How often do such questions arise in women who start something suspect their spouses.