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Identification of adultery

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Photo and video surveillance

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Checking for wiretapping

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Lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search of people

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Collection of information

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Congratulations to all the employees of the detective agency "Private detective Odessa" and Happy New Year! Happiness to you and thank you for your work! If need be - certainly will refer only to you!

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Family Lesco

From our family thank you very much the agency "Private detective Odessa" and in particular Detective Alexandra! My husband was at work accused of malfeasance. If not for you, Alexander, the husband would have lost a good job. I'm not talking about a good name! Private investigation, you spent, put everything in its place. Once again THANK YOU!

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An abandoned car owner

I want to thank you for the good work detective agency. Thank you, guys! I collected the car on a long time. And chose a long time. And then turned up a bargain. I have even agreed, and then began to doubt something - it was too all well formed: and the car is almost new and the price is very good. Appealed to you to check on the hijacking. And of course, the car was on the wanted list! So if it were not for you - my money would be crying!

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Identification of adultery

Your husband has to spend a lot of time away from home, citing the urgent work? Your wife suddenly changed her hair, sat down and began to diet fitness? Do you think that your significant other is cheating on you with another (different)? What to do in such a situation? How to check the spouse of allegiance? The main thing - do not make rash decisions. Perhaps your suspicions are groundless, and everything happens for a perfectly reasonable explanation. In any case, to make a balanced and informed decision, you need to have complete and accurate information, which will help you get a private detective agency. A private investigator will conduct all the necessary measures to allow to confirm or deny the fact of adultery.

How to check treason husband (wife ) ? The simplest and most effective way is to establish a monitoring object ( shadowing ) . Private detective agency " Private detective Odessa " has all the necessary technical means to establish surveillance of the object so that it did not raise any suspicion. For more details about the service " Photo-Video surveillance " can be found under "Services ." In addition to surveillance , there are other ways to check for fidelity (see the service " test of loyalty " in the " Services") . If you feel that you are cheating , you can ask a spouse to pass lie detector test ( polygraph ) . This will allow you to establish the truth with 100 % guarantee . Read more about this service, refer to the "Services" section .

Qualified Detective will check on the fidelity of his wife (or husband will check for treason ) in the case of cheating will gather the necessary evidence , and if your suspicions were unfounded , the complete confidentiality of all verification activities of loyalty will allow you to avoid a scandal , and clarify the relationship .


Location of the person through the phone

If you want to determine the location of the person through the phone number, you made do not need in this case to use some spy with a suspicious reputation of the program and other illegal methods

Let us find out the location of the person on the phone

The mobile phone has already become quite commonplace, which is almost every purse and every pocket. But this device not only allows at any time to contact his owner, and he pretty much can "tell" about its owner.

Verify calls and SMS on your phone

How do I check the phone her husband? How often do such questions arise in women who start something suspect their spouses.