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Excellent reputation, high professionalism, complete confidentiality.


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Identification of adultery

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Photo and video surveillance

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Checking for wiretapping

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Lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search of people

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Collection of information

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Yevseyev Elena (Deputy Director of LLC "Color 5")

Respected Agency "Odessa private detective" and personally Detective Alexander, I hasten to express my gratitude for the work done to find an unscrupulous contractor. Our company is located in Kiev and was not able to check all the details in advance. Thank you for your professionalism in finding and advocacy work…

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Grateful client

Thank private detectives agency for the attention to clients and diligent performance of their work. The question with which I addressed to the agency very sensitive nature. For me it is important to not only get a certain result, but also to keep secret the problem. The expected result is obtained, confidentiality respected. Thank you!

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Obmanutyi muj

Guys, thank you! If not for you - I would wear horns, damn it! That's not for nothing did I not trust my ex! But thanks to the detectives I was not only convinced himself all over, but for the court photos are available - so fuck it I would get! Thank you again!

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Detective Agency in Bolhrad

BolhradCertainly on the Internet you have already met advice about the fact that if you have no problems, then you should check your own pulse. And on the one hand, it sounds like hard enough or even a cruel joke. But she has the right to life, because our life is really full of a wide variety of surprises that are not rarely lead to the most difficult problems that require quite complex, and, most importantly, immediate solutions. Entrepreneurs are often faced with the fact that recruit quite unreliable people. Often it turns out that the new cashier has a criminal record, and disappears from his workplace almost immediately after receiving uncontrolled access to the checkout. You are a long time can not understand why your child suddenly became so nervous and kept until pay attention to his new nanny who in your absence applies to child brute force. Is there a solution to this problem? Of course there is. But it lies, it is not careful consideration of recommendations from previous employers or personal data. You can easily get answers to their questions directly from the person, if you use a lie detector detective agency "Private Detective Odessa." Of course, when taking people to work can also be carried graphology or physiognomic examination. But these analyzes allow to learn more about the internal structure of man, but of his ulterior motives of work you have already committed or about the new workplace misconduct will let you know exactly polygraph test.

In this regard, our detective agency in Bolhrad tight enough cooperates with many companies who permanently use our this service when it comes to updating the state. And it allows you to more effectively investigate and identify corporate spies. After all, surely you have any doubt about the fact that after you someone may lead photographic surveillance, which is not uncommon in the world of business. Competitors will always want to know more, and to collect information and conduct other criminals who specialize in raider attacks. But we can not only find out who and why is yours surveillance, but also to identify all sources of information leakage. And we are talking not only about checking the premises to detect eavesdropping devices. Although, it is worth noting that this is the most reliable to date antiproslushka, but also for the Protection of the database of your computers and other similar techniques in your office. Today it is not necessary that the spies were physically the charge of you. They can easily get access to the necessary information through the Internet. But to solve this problem, as well as to detect wiretapping of mobile phones in the search for bugs, for us not be easy. That's just, unfortunately, spies will also work on databases phones people. But in cooperation with the detective agency in Belgrade, you can totally do not worry about their safety. We will solve the problem.

collection of informationYou can trust us to solve the problem and such a sensitive detection of the infidelity of the husband or wife. No sane person would want to continue to live with someone who is cheating on him and pretend that nothing is happening. While some suffer for some time and believe that all their suspicions - it is only the result of fatigue. We always recommend that people, no matter how scary it was to know the whole truth, to clarify for myself this question. But really, you can be mistaken, but continue to suffer from the suspicion of her husband's or wife's infidelity. This is especially true for those whose families one spouse is constantly on the move. But suspicions may arise, as the one who stays with the house and the one who leaves. There have been cases in our practice, when adultery was shown on both sides. In any case, we guarantee full confidentiality and to provide all the information received as a result of verification of allegiance only to the person who appealed to us with this problem. If it turns out that your wife does have a lover, and you thus decide to file for divorce because of infidelity women, you can use our lawyer.

Family quarrels occur not only because of the betrayal, but also well dredge soil, but sometimes as a result of someone leaves the house. And it may concern, as spouses and children. Please contact us so we started looking for relatives who thus can be elementary with friends by simply asking them not to give. But for us it will not be a big problem to find a person by phone number, even if he is not available. In addition, we conduct a search for people by name or address refine by phone. But it is desirable that you have been given more information so that we can find not only by name, but according to other sources.




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