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Impeccable reputation
highest professionalism
complete privacy
our credo
We value trust                     
our customers,                     
and by no means                     
we will not allow ourselves                     
trick him                     

We guarantee complete confidentiality to all customers.

It is also possible to perform work for anonymous clients.

We will help you in solving problems that cannot be trusted with anyone else!

Detective Agency "Private detective Odessa" - services of a private detective on the territory of Ukraine.

- we will give you a helping hand in difficult times!

At your disposal are highly qualified specialists with rich experience in practical and operational work. Our detective agency pays great attention to staff selection - all specialists (forensic experts, private investigators, graphologists, polygraph examiners, psychologists) undergo a thorough selection for professional suitability: the highest professional qualifications, impeccable honesty and decency, responsible attitude to their work.

Our private detectives will assist you in solving problems in the following areas:

Detective agency "Private Detective Odessa" provides private detective services in Odessa and the Odessa region, as well as throughout Ukraine, we have established ongoing contacts with detective agencies in different countries of the world (Europe, Asia, Latin America), which allows you to quickly and to provide high-quality remote services in these countries.

The activities of the detective agency are carried out strictly in accordance with the existing legislation: we do not participate in illegal actions, we do not undertake the implementation of tasks related exclusively to the field of activity of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies. We honor the Law and the Criminal Code.

The absence in Ukraine of legislative regulation of such a type of activity as a detective, significantly narrows the scope of detective agencies. We solved this problem: the registered mass media gives the detective agency Private Detective Odessa an opportunity to conduct journalistic investigations.

Enjoy life, and entrust us with the solution to your problems!

Expose a wife and girlfriend of cheating

No one is safe from suspicions that the other half is cheating. Also, no one can be insured against treason itself. But so that you do not think about it, it is always better to double-check the information before embarking on any radical actions that may lead to divorce

How to expose a man of treason

There is hardly anything that can compare with women's intuition in terms of forecast accuracy. You should never rely on your own assumptions one hundred percent, even if you have complete confidence that you are right. And even if it seems to you that you are sure of betraying your own husband, we still recommend that you double-check this information by contacting our Detective Agency.

How to discreetly follow a person

Many parents are faced with a difficult transitional age of their minor children, when their relationship is seriously cracked. Naturally, controlling your child becomes more and more difficult. And this threatens that the child can get into bad company, and his whole life will go downhill. At the same time, no one relieves the parents of responsibility.

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