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About detective agency "Private detective Odessa"

About detective agency "Private detective Odessa"


The detective agency "Private Detective Odessa" provides private detective services in Odessa and the Odessa region, as well as throughout Ukraine, we have established ongoing contacts with detective agencies in different countries of the world (Europe, Asia, Latin America), which allows us to quickly and efficiently provide remote services in these countries.

Detectives agency Private Detective Odessa are members of the International Police Association (IPA).

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From the point of view of many people, the profession of a private detective is surrounded by an aura of mystery and romance. In fact, this is primarily a job: complex, painstaking, and sometimes dangerous, requiring high professionalism and special knowledge. Therefore, only high-class professionals — forensic experts, private investigators, graphologists, polygraph examiners, psychologists, and lawyers — work in our detective agency, to whom you can safely entrust the solution to your problems. There is one more aspect in the profession of a private investigator - a private investigator, like a doctor, is entrusted with the solution of very delicate problems, during work he may become aware of information the disclosure of which is extremely undesirable for the client, so the strictest confidentiality is the main commandment of any detective who respects himself, impeccable honesty and decency. The detectives of our agency are ready to ensure the safety of yours and your loved ones in various areas of life.

The range of services we provide is quite wide:

we will take care of your personal safety, help to identify and resolve situations related to monitoring you or your family members; help to find missing relatives, heirs, debtors; we will take care of protecting your private and family life - we will collect information about your future spouse in order to protect you from possible scammers and marriage scams, we will check for the fidelity of the spouse; detectives of our agency will ensure the security of your business (verification of business partners, transaction security, verification of premises and protection against unauthorized collection of information). Child safety is an important aspect of our business. We will collect information about the people you trust your child (nannies, governesses, housemaids); we will conduct secret surveillance of the teenager in order to establish the circle of his communication and interests, prevent him from getting into bad company, addiction to alcohol and drugs, and if the teenager escapes, the detective will help to find and return him home.
The activities of the detective agency are carried out strictly in accordance with the existing legislation: we do not participate in illegal actions, do not undertake the tasks related to the activities of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies, and in cases established by law, we interact with these structures.
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