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At the moment, the agency does not post anonymous reviews, only with real customer data, with their permission

Kalinichenko Vladimir

I thank the guys for the promptly done work. They managed to resolve our issue with relatives who remained in another country in 4 days.

Moscow, Russia, Tel.:+79166888824, E-mail: alf-nnn@mail.ru


Elena Baydelyuk

Thank you guys very much. We arrived quickly, the work was done efficiently.

Odessa, Tel.: +380631336767 , E-mail: lenabaydeluk@gmail.com , https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100021877725432


To begin with, the detectives are very capable and get the job done quickly. I am also very grateful that none of my personal information came out. I am extremely delighted with their work and would give 5 out of 5 stars! And in case of trouble I would recommend them.

E-mail: ronusz68@gmail.com

Telenkova Tatiana

Dear professionals in their field, I want to thank you a huge and deep bow to you for your work and information. I am shocked, I received from you the complete information that I have been looking for for a long time. In a few days you have fulfilled my request. You are angels, God bless you !!!

Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel.: +9720525018809 , Tel.: +972525018809 , https://www.facebook.com/alin.cohen.52 , https://ok.ru/profile/397610192503

Ambroci Maria Constantinovna, +393459833797, eliomerzari@libero.it, https://facebook.com/maria.ambroci

Dear Oleg! We would like to express our gratitude to you from all our family living in Moldova! 30 years ago we lost touch with our relatives living in Odessa. After contacting your "Detective" company, they found our relatives very quickly within 2 days and put us in touch by phone. We wish you good luck in your noble cause of helping people who have lost touch with each other. Thank.

Tel.:+393459833797, E-mail: eliomerzari@libero.it , https://facebook.com/maria.ambroci

Larisa Valentinovna Zhigalkina

Many thanks to the detective agency for the work done to find a person. Only after the lapse of time did I understand what the difficulty of the task was, but they coped with it. Special thanks to Oleg for his professionalism and understanding.

Tel.: +380487985815 , Tel.: +380949488815

Grachova Anastasia Alexandrovna

Vielen Dank für Ihre schnelle Arbeit. Die Jungs haben alles klar, schnell und in vollen Zügen gemacht. Ich habe mein Eigentum in einem Tag gefunden, wonach die Polizei noch sucht.

Tel.: +380682025650


I want to thank the detective agency, namely Detective Alexander! The work was done clearly on time with the detailed information that I needed! Thanks a lot! The guys are real professionals!



It was necessary to break through information on a person. The work was done clearly, promptly, accurately. The task is completed in full. Thank.


Evtushenko Sergey

I want to express my deep gratitude to the Detective Odessa agency for the professionalism in their work.
In the summer of 2016, I, a private entrepreneur from Kiev, had an unpleasant incident with suppliers of goods on the 7 kilometer market in Odessa. Left without goods and money, I tried to find intruders on my own, but unfortunately, to no avail. Having no connections in Odessa was in complete despair. Just for luck, I decided to call the detective agency Detective Odessa, whose contacts I found on the Internet. By the will of fate, I had the honor to communicate with Alexander. After listening to me, without unnecessary conditions and questions, I immediately set to work. A few days later, after interviewing several witnesses and taking a number of operational actions, the result was obtained in the case, which is usually called “capercaillie”. I am very pleased that in our world there are still such decent and knowledgeable pros. The client is who is in charge of this agency.
Good luck and development to you !!!

E-mail: Sevt.bsp@gmail.com



I express gratitude for the high professionalism and excellent work done in the shortest possible time by the employee of the detective agency Alexander. I wish your team prosperity and interesting work!

Vyacheslav Buivan

The work was completed promptly and in full. Everything is good!
Vyacheslav Buivan,  Tel.:+380967624628


Komar Natalia Aleksandrovna, 25 years old

She collaborated with the agency about the handwriting examination - they warned about all the risks, reported clear deadlines in which they met, everything was clear and understandable, there were no doubts and additional questions. Thank you very much for the quality and speed, as well as for the sincere desire to help!

Tel.: +380636179896


Yurchenko Tatiana

My name is Yurchenko Tatyana! Turned to the detective agency on March 23! The detective came to me within 30 minutes, and after listening to my situation helped me to solve it! They helped the council appeal to the police about giving me a request for withdrawal of video surveillance, offered to make a handwriting examination and all very well! Within 2 working days, everything was ready! Worked with me for the pros of their business! Madly thank you for your good attitude and professionalism!




I applied to the agency to get data for the genial tree. A couple of days later I was provided with all the information. I was able to find out more about my relatives. It was very pleasant to work with Alexander, he really knows his business. In general, I had a very interesting experience.

Tel.: +380960026989



I express special gratitude to the detective agency staff for the efficiency and quality of the work performed. It was necessary to conduct an expert study of handwriting and identify the fraudster in his work team. Thanks to the high professionalism of the agency's detectives, the fraudster is identified and punished

Tel.: +380672658055


Vitaly Levytskyy

I want to express my immense gratitude to the "Private Detective of Odessa" in the person of his collaborator Alexander. Only thanks to his professional work were found in the shortest possible time our stolen jewelry; The culprit is found and is punished. I think, "Private detective of Odessa" can rightly be called the best detective agency of our city. Many thanks for your hard work!

E-mail:  vitosick@mail.ru

Inna Israel

I sincerely want to thank personally Alexander, as well as the whole team, who showed involvement and focus on my question. I live in another country, and this was afraid if I get to the scam. I can say is that all the guys deserve respect, a serious approach to work, glad that I was not mistaken. Today I looked at my life, at his family through different eyes. Thanks to Alexander, for his patience in relation to the client, it is so important. I want to advise all who live in other countries, all former sootechestvenikam not be afraid to learn the truth, and most importantly do not be afraid to contact the agency Private Detektiv Odessa.
Skype: balista205


Yevseyev Elena (Deputy Director of LLC "Color 5")

Respected Agency "Odessa private detective" and personally Detective Alexander, I hasten to express my gratitude for the work done to find an unscrupulous contractor. Our company is located in Kiev and was not able to check all the details in advance. Thank you for your professionalism in finding and advocacy work with the debtor. All strongly recommend only deal with competent professionals. In this agency you can trust!



I express my gratitude for the professionalism and excellent performance in the shortest time job employee detective agency Alexander. I wish your team prosperity and interesting work!


Oleg O. Kuprikov

Hello, I work in a restaurant. I have 57 employees in the team. One evening, the team lost among mobile phone.  Не смотря на то , что у нас более 40 камер и 2 охранников ! Мы не смогли узнать кто совершил этот необдуманный мерзкий поступок.(((.спасибо большое вам!! За то, что не смотря на воскресенье , и что я позвонил в компании в 19:00 . Ребята молниеносно среагировали , и в течении 2 часов , нашли вора. Спасибо вам большое. 

Олег Олегович Куприков  Tel.: +380939517005 , E-mail: Olejka-olejka1968@mail.ru , https://www.facebook.com/oleg.kyprikov заказывал проведение дактилоскопической экспертизы в  Traveler's Coffee Odessa по ул. Дерибасовская, 14



Thank you for the work done. For quality of services provided, for the professional and human approach to my problem. Everything fell into place, and I understand the situation.




I express my sincere gratitude for the high level of professionalism, attention, well done as soon as possible the work of detective Alexander. I wish you prosperity and your team a lot of interesting work!


Arthur Lukin

Like to thank the agency for their help in the case. Quickly helped establish human contact details. Spent a lot of time on independent searches, but nothing poluchilos.Teper hope to surprise the person a pleasant surprise and it will be surprised by this) Thank you very much, all advise.



From a grateful client

Want your agency and extended his gratitude to Sergey especially with a partner, it was very urgent, but they came and did the job for 5 +, all clearly and professionally, the report was specific and without a miss, done very quickly and efficiently! Thank you so much given to understand. Now I will be recommending your ogenstvo and your agents.


I do not know how to thank you - THANK YOU and bow! I almost became a victim of marriage swindler. And everything was beautiful - flowers, gifts, dinner by candlelight! Both mum and her friends in one voice told that he rogue, and I like blurred vision! Thanks mom (and you, of course) for what protected me from the wrong step! Thank you! And good luck to you all!

Nikolai V.

Thank you for your hard work! You not only saved my money, you have given me peace and serenity. God bless you!

An abandoned car owner

I want to thank you for the good work detective agency. Thank you, guys! I collected the car on a long time. And chose a long time. And then turned up a bargain. I have even agreed, and then began to doubt something - it was too all well formed: and the car is almost new and the price is very good. Appealed to you to check on the hijacking. And of course, the car was on the wanted list! So if it were not for you - my money would be crying!

Family Lesco

From our family thank you very much the agency "Private detective Odessa" and in particular Detective Alexandra! My husband was at work accused of malfeasance. If not for you, Alexander, the husband would have lost a good job. I'm not talking about a good name! Private investigation, you spent, put everything in its place. Once again THANK YOU!

Ilona L.

When my husband said he was leaving me for another woman , I do not even believe it at first . We have lived together for more than 20 years , children have grown up - and then suddenly this ! No, he's certainly no angel, and over the years , let's face it , anything can happen , but that's to be so - once and for all ! Of course, I lost my head first - and scandals , and cried , and pleaded in a good ... Has rested - like , say, and everything to live without it I can not . And then I got stuck - and wanted at least one eye to look , well there for FIFA was. Of course I have no detective , to follow her husband did not even try , she turned to the agency. That's be honest , at first only wanted to see . What began receiving the first reports - something jumped inside, something does not fit ! Of course , first grade girl - blonde , feet from the ears , and everything else in it , that's just the hell her such a beauty , my old fuck up? Began to find out more - it appears that the lady did not miss something : she has such a wealthy man battalion, and for the soul - a handsome young lover . I showed it to her husband ... Well, I forgave him and we now have all the same. Thank agency - managed to keep the family !


I want to thank the guys from the detective agency for sensitive and attentive to customers. No matter what the problem was (is private), but was struck by the attitude: I've met and discussed all the details as prompted to do so, the costs were reasonable. Thanks guys, it was great!


Once I started having problems with business (information leak, for example), I immediately turned to the "Private Detective Odessa." Immediately noticeable that you are dealing with professionals: any attempt to unleash the extra money, all negotiations strictly the case. In general, recommend the services provided are worth the money.

Anna R.

Contact the agency made ​​me mom. When I started to receive calls, SMSes, emails with information that her husband has a mistress, my mother insisted that I addressed to you. Detectives set up surveillance of her husband, the information about the mistress fortunately has not been confirmed! Then I wanted to find out who called me. It was a neighbor, which has long had her eye on my husband. But it did not work out! Thank you!Contact the agency made ​​me mom. When I started to receive calls, SMSes, emails with information that her husband has a mistress, my mother insisted that I addressed to you. Detectives set up surveillance of her husband, the information about the mistress fortunately has not been confirmed! Then I wanted to find out who called me. It was a neighbor, which has long had her eye on my husband. But it did not work out! Thank you!


Congratulations to all the employees of the detective agency "Private detective Odessa" and Happy New Year! Happiness to you and thank you for your work! If need be - certainly will refer only to you!


When missing the most expensive person for me - my life is over! Where I just did not appeal: police, Red Cross, all kinds of websites to search for the people - all in vain. But it was necessary immediately to you! Thank you, my dear! You have given me the most precious thing I have, you brought me back to life!


Guys, thanks for the help! Working with you was a pleasure! If you need information or assistance will be on - Central Asia and the Baltic countries - please!

Young parents

My husband and I decided to check out our nanny who trusts his three-year daughter. The inspection was carried out very carefully - first collected information about her, set the camera at home and checked her work. All right! Thank detective agency - now we can be quiet for my baby!


I want to say thanks to the staff of the agency "Private detective Odessa." I am a businessman and a portion of the profits invested in various projects. Sometimes successfully, sometimes - not very. And now once again would like to invest a single project, but something stopped. Decided to check out the organizers of the project with the help of your agency - and it turns out I was right, it turned out to crooks! Now, before you invest money - check. The result is obvious - reduced costs, revenues are growing! Thank you!

Andrew K.

Thank you Vladimir for his detective work! I've been his girlfriend to Turkey for a vacation with his girlfriend sent. First, like anything, and then it climbed to the head - well, you can imagine I guess. Suffered a week with - could not resist, the newspaper found your ad and called. In general, received a full report in the photos, and realized that I - a jealous idiot! Well, but now I am calm and I know that I can trust your future soulmate!


Thank detectives Alexander and Vladimir! In short: find the right person, the debt back. Thank you!

Obmanutyi muj

Guys, thank you! If not for you - I would wear horns, damn it! That's not for nothing did I not trust my ex! But thanks to the detectives I was not only convinced himself all over, but for the court photos are available - so fuck it I would get! Thank you again!

Grateful client

Thank private detectives agency for the attention to clients and diligent performance of their work. The question with which I addressed to the agency very sensitive nature. For me it is important to not only get a certain result, but also to keep secret the problem. The expected result is obtained, confidentiality respected. Thank you!

Irina S.

My dear, thank you for your work! I am a single mother of a son, we had always lived in perfect harmony. And then I see - it was lurking from me, come late, some became antsy! What could I just change my mind! Well good people to have prompted you to apply. In general, it was found that in love with my neighbor's booby girl. Well, we had a talk with him heart to heart - what am I an enemy of him, or what? Now all we have again a wonderful, thank you!

Irina and Andrei

Alexander! Thank you for our happiness! Thanks to you we are together! We Irochka met on vacation in the Crimea. Holiday flying as one day! Of course, we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. And how has managed to lose my notebook on my way home! In general, if it were not for you, Alexander - had not I find my Irishku! Thank you again!


I want to thank the guys from the detective agency for good work. I rigged up an accident, the case came to trial. Not only is my car broke, so I also got to Grandma! And most importantly everyone is against me! Contacted the agency - thanks to the guys, investigated, found a witness in the general court I won. Thank you!

Director of the company

Many thanks to the staff of the agency "Private detective Odessa" for the work done! You actually helped me keep my business. For some time I began to notice that I break down the correct deal, good customers swim right under his nose! One of the business partners advise you - thank you to him. A set of activities was held high (and it cost me a tidy sum, but it was worth it!). As a result, the bugs found in the office and found that a rat among the staff, which merges information to competitors! Now, all employees receive only through you (with a polygraph test) and the office regularly check - you never know!

Ivanov II

I want to thank the staff of the agency for the accurate performance of contractual obligations. The work done on time and in a specified amount. Thank you!

Staff of the company

On behalf of the employees of the company would like to thank the agency "Private detective Odessa" for help. The fact that our company started stealing. Company management decided to check all the employees of the company on a polygraph for involvement in the theft. Special thanks to the staff for how quickly and with what tact was all done! Thank you! The culprits identified, fired again, and now we can trust each other!

Angelina I.

Seek your friend advised me I needed to quickly find a single person abroad. Honestly, I did not hope that will help me (and for good reason!). With detectives have not personally met all the negotiations were conducted by telephone. I have provided the required information, sending money. I think - all cried my money ... But in a very short period of time I got all the information about that person. Thank you! For me, this is VERY important!

Igor V. K.

Have you ever received threatening letters? No? And I've been getting! Believe me - it's awful! And then another, and phone calls at different times of day. Tried to contact the police - to no avail. And it's so incidentally caught the eye of your ad. Let me think, I will try, because there is no longer any way! And you know what we find? Teens neighborly fun, parasites! So a HUGE THANK YOU to Detective Yuri - he just saved me!


Thank you very much Vladimir detective! Vladimir, if you do not - I'd still be well lived with this cheat, my ex-husband! I'm saying something that he trips, urgent work ... Well, I'm not entirely stupid - find your advertising agency called, and now I know exactly what he's got for the "work"! Thanks to you, Vladimir, and photographic materials collected by you, the divorce process went quickly, and now I'm a free bird - where I want go flying! Thank you!

Grateful client

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the staff of detective agency "Private detective Odessa" for their excellent work and attention to customers! The problem state will not - it's too personal, but everything agreed, made ​​clear at the time, I got exactly the result that counts - thank you!

Anatoly P.

With a detective agency "Private detective Odessa" cooperate is not the first year (I have my own business). Had to go on different issues - verification of personnel, testing partners. For all the time - no complaints, the information that I get full, objective, true. I recommend!

Family Radchenko

We have had to turn to the detective agency when they noticed that our son is something wrong: he became irritable, nervous, was late coming home, ask about anything - snarls, or nothing at all! Of course, we suspected the worst! It turned out that our boy got into bad company. The main thing is that thanks to you, we make it in time! However, they had to change residence - but that will not do for a child! And to all of you - thank you so much!

Alexey V.

Guys, spasibische you very much! I do not like my car with no hands, even worse. I saw that it was stolen - just lost my head. To the police, of course. Well, there you know how, wait say. And how many are possible to wait? Good friends suggested - addressed to you. Even he did not expect to like everything quickly, quickly: car was found, helped restore. Now, if God forbid that - just for you!



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