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The organization of outdoor photography and video

The organization of outdoor photography and video

External observation (tracking) of an object is the basis for performing almost any task for a private detective. Tracking allows you to solve a number of problems:

Regardless of the purpose for which you organize monitoring of people, it is necessary that the object of observation does not guess about your interest. Detective agency "Private Detective Odessa" will provide you with high-class professionals who organize outdoor surveillance with maximum efficiency. We organize video surveillance in Odessa and Odessa region, as well as in Ukraine. The cost of external surveillance will depend on a number of factors: the completeness of the information collected: the time during which the surveillance is carried out; the number of detectives involved, etc.

Fotonablyudenie per person
Watching phone
Fotonablyudenie the house
Conducting surveillance
Carrying out covert surveillance
Implementation of external surveillance

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