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Detective Agency in Izmail

As it may seem strange to many, but, in fact, the services of private detectives has been around a very long time. Just before it was presented in a slightly different form, and not everyone can benefit from the skills of professional Sushchik. Basically, these spies served the privileged persons, solving their hot issues and simply in collecting information. At the present day, before the private detectives are the most complex tasks. Apart from the standard collection of information, which to some extent has become more complicated, even though the emergence of the modern technical equipment, they also have to carry out the identification of changes, search for the missing people, identifying wiretaps, the disclosure of economic crimes, security business customers. And at the same range of services detective agency "Private Detective Odessa" is much broader than what we already have listed.

Collection of information and people search

By and large, the collection of information can be considered as the basis for almost every job that we receive from our customers. But not infrequently he is linked with wanted people who often disappear from our lives in unexpected ways. It is possible that you had a fight with his son or daughter, causing the child simply did not come back from school, or immediately after an argument slammed the door. Not always telephoning classmates, friends and girlfriends gives the expected result. But do not just panic and tear my hair out. You just need to report a problem with the staff detective agency in Izmail. In such cases, we usually just a few hours can not find a person by phone number. Of course, not always everything happens just as we would have liked, but we will never retreat before difficulties. And even if the search for relatives is much harder than finding out the address on the phone close friend of your daughter, which she can hide, we will still do everything that depends on us. And not only do we spend searching for relatives and any other people with whom you need to re-establish contact. Especially not that rare person calling card fails, then he just lost all the data of his entourage. And even in this case, we can help you to restore the database phones people.

Some come to us so that they themselves can not find the right people with the surname. This is due to the fact that often people are just trying to find on social networks or other methods of those who need them. But useless search for people by name, who simply do not want to be found.

How do I know that a husband or wife is cheating?

In principle, the suspicions of infidelity of the husband or wife in some cases are quite normal and not yet speak of no confidence or a crack in the relationship of people. After all, there is no person who at least once in their family life did not feel a sense of jealousy. But there are situations where you can really say that it seemed. But there are times when such suspicions are already beginning to develop into a paranoia. Then solve your problems and get answers to all your questions can only help identify infidelity husband or wife, organized by our specialists. For many years our activities, we come into contact with infidelity. And in some cases, our audit of allegiance to yield positive results in other situations, it turns out that his wife's lover - this is only the result of imagination at work wearied husband. Therefore, you should never rush strongly and immediately file for divorce because of infidelity woman if you do not have reasoned facts. And you can get them, if you order our surveillance for a husband or wife.

Some couples to see each other enough to go on a risky but guaranteed step. They use our lie detector. And a polygraph test can be used not only to detect infidelity, but, if necessary, check your personnel in the event of certain incidents in the enterprise. Also, just so you can find out who it is from your staff was hacked database of companies for the purpose of resale important information to your competitors.


It is important not only to be able to conduct surveillance of a person, but also to get rid of a third-party photo-hidden surveillance. To do this, you at least need to check the premises to detect eavesdropping devices. We have the most modern equipment, which is able to replace any antiproslushku, and help us to detect wiretapping of mobile phones as a result of search for bugs.





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