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Investigation of crimes in the Internet network

Investigation of crimes in the Internet network

Science and technology today are developing towards the implementation of information technology. And the more information technologies are integrated into the sphere of commercial operations, the more relevant is the protection against various abuses in the field of information technology. Today, concepts such as computer crime (cybercrime) and Internet crime have already arisen. The subject of criminal activity of fraudsters on the Internet is information, and computer technology is turning into an instrument of crime.

The widespread occurrence of online fraud is no coincidence. A feature of the Internet environment is the lack of physical boundaries; it is not administered by a separate legal or natural person, or even a separate state. As a result, there is a lack of effective control over information flows, which creates fertile ground for various kinds of crimes and fraud on the Internet. Investigating crimes on the Internet requires not only special approaches and techniques, knowledge of modern information technologies, the presence of high-tech hardware and software; established international cooperation is also important.

The main activity of fraudsters on the Internet is to carry out hacker attacks on the computer systems of commercial enterprises, private individuals, and sometimes government agencies in order to gain access to confidential commercial information, financial resources, etc. Those who had to deal with online fraud are wondering how to figure out a hacker and is it possible to somehow resist the criminals? The specifics of conducting investigative actions in the Internet space requires not only professional knowledge of relevant information technologies, but also the availability of special software and hardware, therefore it is better to contact specialists to deal with Internet criminals. Detectives agency Private Detective Odessa have experience in combating crimes in the field of high technology. As a member of the International Police Association, our agency has close ties with law enforcement and detective structures in various countries, which allows us to effectively confront international cybercrime. Turning to us, you can rest assured - our agency has all the necessary capabilities (including hardware and software) to solve your problem. Highly qualified detectives as soon as possible will conduct the most thorough investigation, collect all the necessary evidence to identify fraudsters on the Internet and transfer them to the hands of law enforcement agencies.


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