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Identification of adultery

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Photo and video surveillance

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Checking for wiretapping

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Lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search of people

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Collection of information

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Anna R.

Contact the agency made ​​me mom. When I started to receive calls, SMSes, emails with information that her husband has a mistress, my mother insisted that I addressed to you. Detectives set up surveillance of her husband, the information about the mistress fortunately has not been confirmed! Then I wanted to find out who called me. It was a neighbor, which has long had her eye on my husband. But it did not work out! Thank you!Contact the agency made ​​me mom. When I started to receive calls, SMSes,…

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Larissa (

Thank you for the work done. For quality of services provided, for the professional and human approach to my problem. Everything fell into place, and I understand the situation.


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I want to say thanks to the staff of the agency "Private detective Odessa." I am a businessman and a portion of the profits invested in various projects. Sometimes successfully, sometimes - not very. And now once again would like to invest a single project, but something stopped. Decided to check out the organizers of the project with the help of your agency - and it turns out I was right, it turned out to crooks! Now, before you invest money - check. The result is obvious - reduced costs, revenues…

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Search of people

Search for missing people - one of the most difficult challenges facing the detective agency. With such a problem does not handle any detective agency, it requires a high level of professionalism, experience and ability to quickly find a solution to unusual situations. As a general rule you want to search people by name, find a person by phone number and other incomplete data. Detective Agency "Private detective Odessa" has extensive experience in providing services in search of people in the Odessa area, as well as in Ukraine, including the missing. In some cases, people are engaged in tracing and law enforcement agencies, but by having recourse to the police to keep in mind that each employee is in the works a few cases, and for all his desire, he will not be able to give you all the time. Referring also to the detective agency, you can be sure - we will pay you a maximum of attention to resolve your problem in the shortest possible time.

The reasons for finding people may be different, the same general feature of search activities will be professionalism , intensity and thoroughness of the search , which ultimately should ensure the success of the operation.

Searching for missing persons .

If a person (adult or child) is missing - most importantly, no time to lose. The sooner you seek help , the more successful will be to find . Statement by the law enforcement agencies are taking only three days , during which time many traces may be lost ; detective agency to immediately begin the search as soon as get from you all the necessary information .

Find people and the relationship is lost

There are various circumstances in which people lose each other . Currently, there are various tracing people on the Internet , allowing osuschestvlyatpoisk relatives , co-workers , friends and families, other source data. Sometimes it is quite possible to quickly find the desired person , but in most cases an independent search is inefficient. In any case, you'd better turn to professionals with experience , established contacts , access to the card files and databases. We will carry out , we will help find a person by phone number and other data.

Search debtors and scams

The specificity of this type of investigation is that the people who owed large sums of money or your money appropriated itself naturally do not want to be found , and they are hiding , using various tricks . To attract these people to justice is not always possible , so our task - to find a cheater and make him to return the money. This task detective agency successfully addressed . We search people by last name in the Odessa region , Ukraine and other regions, will help find a person by phone number and other data.

Find Person By Phone Number
The search for people by name
The search for missing people


Location of the person through the phone

If you want to determine the location of the person through the phone number, you made do not need in this case to use some spy with a suspicious reputation of the program and other illegal methods

Let us find out the location of the person on the phone

The mobile phone has already become quite commonplace, which is almost every purse and every pocket. But this device not only allows at any time to contact his owner, and he pretty much can "tell" about its owner.

Verify calls and SMS on your phone

How do I check the phone her husband? How often do such questions arise in women who start something suspect their spouses.